Emails from the Zooniverse

Click this image to be taken to your Zooniverse email settings

We’re cleaning up our email list to make sure that we do not email anyone who does not want to hear from us. You will have got an email last week asking you if you want to stay subscribed. If you did not click the link in that email, then you will have received one today saying you have been unsubscribed from our main mailing list. Don’t worry! If you still want to receive notifications from us regarding things like new projects, please go to and make sure you’re subscribed to general Zooniverse email updates.
NOTE: This has not affected emails you get from individual Zooniverse projects.

One thought on “Emails from the Zooniverse”

  1. Clicking on the above link brings me to a page with two –
    “When a discussion is started in a board I’m following”
    “When a discussion is started in a board I’m following”
    Should one be deleted and I think this page needs to be updated, with the other projects. Also, perhaps after adding things, perhaps there ought to be a SAVE button.

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