Spring (theme) Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the flowers are starting to pop up, the ground hogs are coming out of hibernation, and signs everywhere indicate that it’s time to invest in the latest styles. Here in the Zooniverse, I’m not sure we can generally be accused of clinging to the newest fashions, but security is always on our mind, and with the release of WordPress 3.1 we did need to do a few updates. While I was inside the guts of our server, I admit I went a little nuts and decided (in conversations with a bunch of people, including maybe you) that it might be nice to give our blogs matching outfits.

The new Zoo theme you see before you comes from one of my favourite WordPress design companies: Woo Themes.┬áThe theme is an adaption of their social media ready MyStream, and it’s my hope that all the happy little links to classifying and social media will form a central jumping off point to see what’s new, to share what you like, and to do science..

There are still a few things wanting. The Mendeley pages are, um, empty, but that will get fixed soon. The posts are also missing a lot of comments. This is where you come in. We know there are a ton of people contributing to science through the Zooniverse, and we’d like at least a large chunk of that ton reading this blog. Next time someone asks you about what you’re doing online when you’re clicking away, send them to the blog. Get them involved one blog post and one click at a time.

See you in the comments…