Solar Stormwatch goes live!

I’m delighted to announce that after a very successful beta test period, our first non-astrophysical project, Solar Stormwatch has gone live. Our science team, led by Chris Davis, is standing by ready to receive the results of your hard work. As he explains on his post over at the SSW blog, the results are already intriguing and we’re hoping for much, much more.

Coronal Mass Ejection 2


Citizen Basketball

I’ve been working closely with Zookeeper Geza recently, to figure out how to provide better support for those of you who are doing your own research in addition to classifying galaxies. (Stay tuned for more on that.) In addition to being the awesome, Geza has a wonderful analogy for what we are all working together to do. I’d like to share that analogy with you in story form. A few years ago, I joined a twice-weekly lunchtime basketball game with some of the science faculty at the Hopkins Gym.

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