One Million Volunteers


The Zooniverse is now one million strong. That’s one million registered volunteers – so in fact many more people have taken part without logging in too.

The Zooniverse started less than 7 years ago with the launch of Galaxy Zoo. We have since created almost 30 citizen science projects from astronomy to zoology. Some of you have been with us from the very start, some have only joined this week. Either way, we are constantly amazed by the effort that the community puts into our projects.


To celebrate this momentous occasion we prepared some cool stuff for you all. Firstly, check out this awesome global map showing where all Zooniverse volunteers are based.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 19.10.20

Also, we have created a new profile page for each of you where you can see some of your personal participation stats (such as what your user number is relative to the one million signups) and view your ‘ribbon’! The image above shows my own ribbon – have a look at to see yours.

We continue to add new papers to our publications page all the time (we added one today in fact!) and we always strive to make full use of your classifications and discussions on Talk around our various projects. We also continue to build new citizen science projects – there are more coming up soon – so stay tuned. Meanwhile why not tell everyone you know who hasn’t taken part in a Zooniverse project to get online and register now! A great way to do this would be to share our page with your friends on Facebook. Together we’re speeding up science around the world.

Thanks for all your continued hard work – and here’s to the next million Zooniverse citizen scientists.

15 thoughts on “One Million Volunteers”

  1. Terrific milestone, quite remarkable!

    Is it possible to produce one of those ‘distorted’ global maps, where a 100×100 km grid square (say) is represented in proportion to the number of zooites within it? Then one with population; divide one by the other and you have a ‘zooite penetration’ map! 😀

    Do you also keep count of ‘inactive zooites’, people who registered but have not made any classifications or logged any Talk activity in the last 6 months (say)?

  2. The map of where we all are is wonderful, and super easy to use. I’m the only one in Port Alberni, B.C. There’s a lone dot in Canada’s Yukon, and another solo on the west shore of Hudson’s Bay. The map r e a l l y makes it feel like a community.

    Love the new “ribbon” and the new look profile page. Now all I need is the time to earn my keep as #496,929. ZOO has more than doubled while I’ve been aboard. So proud to be part of it all.

  3. Hi!

    Big congratulations to your 1 million of volunteers! It’s awesome:).

    I love the map and the idea of ‘ribon’ of participation in projects! It’s great to see, how many of classification I made in each of them. But it looks a bit broken in my case. Because only 2 from 7 projects which i’ve been participated in are displayed in my ribbon – the others are behind the right margin of it and they have no color. I haven’t noticed them until I came across with the cursor and their names popped up (before I thought they’re not in the ribbon at all, because of low numbers of classification). Where could be the problem?


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