Come and Meet the Zooniverse at the Citizen Science Cafe


As part of the Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014, we’re taking part in the Citizen Science Cafe 6-8pm this coming Friday, 21st February. This is an event where citizen science projects from all over the world are gathering to let everyone see the plethora of citizen science that exists. Tickets are free and you can find them here:

You can talk to some of the people behind a huge variety of citizen science projects – including us of course. We’ll be showcasing Galaxy Zoo and the Milky Way Project – but happy to talk about any of our sites at all. Hope to see many of you in London!

One thought on “Come and Meet the Zooniverse at the Citizen Science Cafe”

  1. Really interesting, thanks​!​

    I think that you would be really interested in some recent research that I have come across explaining crowds, open innovation, and citizen science.​ ​In particular I feel you may find these two emerging pieces of research very relevant:

    – The Theory of Crowd Capital

    – The Contours of Crowd Capability

    And you may also enjoy this blog about the same too:

    Powerful stuff, no?

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