Google confirms that the Zooniverse is awesome!

The Zooniverse is extremely pleased to announce that it has been named as one of six Google Global Impact Awardees announced in December 2013. The awards are given by Google to projects that show three key elements:
  • technology or innovative approach that can deliver transformational impact
  • a specific project that tests a big game-changing idea
  • a brilliant team with a healthy disregard for the impossible

The grant we have received from Google as part of their Global Impact Award program will allow us to build a platform that can support hundreds or maybe even thousands of new and exciting citizen science projects. A list of the awardees can be seen at the Google Global Impact Award site here

It means a lot to us at the Zooniverse to have been given this award and we could not have managed it without you, our volunteers. The time and effort you dedicate to our projects shows the world how important citizen science can be, and we’re looking forward to the next few years.

So thanks to you, and thanks to Google!

The Zooniverse team

PS: Just to be clear, this is a philanthropic act from Google – we’ll continue to be an academic project run by the team at Oxford, Adler Planetarium and elsewhere and all your data remains with the Zooniverse as before. Nothing changes, except our ability to scale!

8 thoughts on “Google confirms that the Zooniverse is awesome!”

  1. Thank you for your email informing me about Google’s interest in the project. Is it absolutely guaranteed that no data obtained from the project itself, or regarding those taking part, will ever be shared with Google? As we have all become aware recently, Google’s claims about privacy were completely false and the company apparently has no scruples about using private data for profit. I am sure I’m not the only volunteer who would not wish to continue having any association with these projects if Google were ever involved in any way. Even accepting the award, thereby allowing Google to use these projects to try and present a highly misleading philanthropic image to the public, seems highly questionable.

  2. What AWESOME news!!

    Can someone in Zooniverse Central please say a few words about how this came to be? For example, who learned of this possibility (and when), and how did they apply?

    And: how will you decide how to use the money?

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