The most important job in the Zooniverse

Job ad

The Zooniverse team has, over the last five years or so, shown signs of growing uncontrollably like some sort of bacterial colony that requires feeding with grant money. The job we’ve just advertised (at Adler Planetarium) might, though, be the most important yet. As those who are eager followers of this blog will know, we’re currently working hard on rebuilding the Zooniverse platform so that it can support many more projects.

If the Zooniverse can get to the point where we’re no longer constrained by the number of projects that can be built, we will need to think about how projects get chosen to appear on the Zooniverse, and about who should make that decision. Our opinion is that you – our community – should be more involved, and to work out how to make that happen we’re looking for what we’re calling a ‘community builder’. As you’ll see from the job description, this isn’t a technical post, but rather we’re looking for someone who knows how to build a community that is capable of awesome things. If that sounds like you, please get in touch.


PS The post is funded by a new grant from our friends at the Alfred P. Sloan foundation, to whom we’re eternally* grateful.

* – or as near as we can make it

5 thoughts on “The most important job in the Zooniverse”

  1. No, but any job offer to someone who didn’t have the right to work in the US would be subject to getting a visa (as you’d expect).

  2. Wonderful news! 🙂

    The job, as advertised, is by/with/at/… the Adler Planetarium. What role(s), if any, does the Citizen Science Alliance have, in selection or oversight? How, in practical terms, would the Community Builder ‘report to’ the Zooniverse, given that this person’s employer would the Adler?

    I assume that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation would have no role, other than providing the necessary funds per its deeds, but it’s probably a good idea to ask anyway.

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