Association of Science Educators Annual Conference


Just like our science team colleagues (Planet Hunters and Cyclone Center ) educators also attend professional meetings and conferences to share work, learn about the latest advances in our field, and to meet with friends and colleagues.  This past week Laura and I spent three days at the Association of Science Educators Annual Conference at the University of Reading.

Our primary aim for attending ASE was to spread the word about ZooTeach and other upcoming Zooniverse education resources.  ZooTeach is a new website containing resources and lessons relating to Zooniverse projects made for teachers by teachers.  It’s early days for the online Zooniverse education community, so we’re trying to get the message out wherever we can.

Our corner of the ASE exhibitors hall.
Our corner of the ASE exhibitors hall.

Speaking to teachers was far and away the best part of ASE.   Many teachers stopping by our booth already use Zooniverse projects in the classroom.  Other teachers were excited to find a new free resource allowing them to bring real data and the chance to make contributions to current scientific research to their students.  Laura and I also spoke with many of our science education colleagues about potential collaborations in the future.

There are a lot of exciting things on the  horizon  In fact, if you’re a classroom teacher who might be interested in helping us test some of these new resources, drop us a line!

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