Zooniverse Roundup Podcast 1

In the first of a new series of audio blog entires, Chris Lintott chats about some current goings on in the Zooniverse. In this edition, Chris talks about Aida’s Green Blob (click here to see the discussion on the Galaxy Zoo Forum) with Bill Keel. You can see the image they are talking about below:


You can either listen using the player above, or by grabbing this link to the MP3 file.

3 thoughts on “Zooniverse Roundup Podcast 1”

  1. “We should look at this”, “let’s get spectra”; Where have I heard that before? 😉 Very cool! And nicely done Chris – yet another great idea! 😀

  2. You need to create an rss feed for your podcasts so we can listen to them using the podcast applications on our mobiles, android, iphone etc.

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