Guest Educator Bloggers Wanted

Are you a classroom teacher or informal educator using Zooniverse or other citizen science projects in your teaching practice? We’d love to hear about how you’re doing it and share it with others!  Whether you’re using Seafloor Explorer with third graders, Radio Galaxy Zoo with adult learners, or Operation War Diary in a history museum.

If you’re interested in sharing how you use citizen science to engage students or other audiences on the Zooniverse Education Blog, please email with a brief description of how you’re doing it.

2 thoughts on “Guest Educator Bloggers Wanted”

  1. Hi Kelly

    Hope you are well. I’ve forwarded this to a teacher in Sydney who uses Zooniverse and attended our workshop at the Powerhouse last year. Hopefully she may offer to write a piece. She is also going to run a workshop session at the state science teacher conf in September which is great news.

    I’ll be giving a specific plug to radio Galaxy Zoo as part of a public talk about ASKAP I’m giving at the planetarium in Perth tonight.



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