NSTA or Bust


At this time next week we’ll be rubbing elbows with science teachers and informal educators at the National Science Teacher Association’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  This year’s conference theme is Next Generation Science: Learning, Literacy, and Living.  It’s promises to be four days packed with excitement and science fun (and delicious TexMex food).

Zooniverse education will be out in full force!  Laura and I will be at the Zooniverse booth in the exhibition hall (Booth #1444) throughout the conference. We’re also facilitating a workshop entitled Citizen Science Investigations in the Classroom on Saturday April 13th from 12:30 – 1:30pm. If you happen to be attending NSTA, we hope that you’ll stop by and say hello (and score one of our snazzy new Zooniverse stickers). If you’re not attending but want to follow our wacky and sciencey adventures, we’ll be tweeting (@zooteach) throughout the conference.


One of these sweet stickers could be yours!
One of these sweet stickers could be yours!

3 thoughts on “NSTA or Bust”

  1. Well, the NSTA meeting is now history … how was it? Was the Zooniverse a huge hit? Blog post please! (some of us fans do not do Twitter; you know, Twitter is for …).

    Change of topic: is there a public, online venue where we can discuss Zooniverse education?

    1. Hi Jean. The NSTA meeting was fantastic! We’ll be writing a blog about our experience in San Antonio as soon as the dust settles in the Zooniverse office. We’re playing catch-up and also moving offices later this week (yippeee!).

      Great question about where online you can discuss Zooniverse online education! This is something that we’ve been talking a lot about recently. We’re trying to work out the best way to do this.

      1. Great to hear it was such a blast; looking forward to reading the blog.

        When you work out the online venue for discussion, I hope it won’t be limited to just Zooniverse *online* education! 😉

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