Zooniverse Workshops

It’s very exciting, and a little bit scary, but we’re going to begin offering online educator workshops! The first two will occur on the 30th of March and the 6th of April and we’re looking for volunteers who would like to participate.

The workshops aim to introduce educators to the range of citizen science projects available on zooniverse.org, our new website ZooTeach and the new classroom interactive tool for Galaxy Zoo, the Navigator. They are aimed at teachers, but anybody who is interested in using citizen science in a informal education setting, after school club, scout group or maybe with their home schooled son or daughter, is more than welcome to join us.

We will be using Google + Hangouts (http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/), which can be freely accessed by anyone with a Google email account. The time of the workshops has yet to be decided as we were unsure what would work best with different time zones, but it will last for approximately 2 hours.

If you interested in participating please email education@zooniverse.org, including the date that suits you best and your location and we will do our best to set up a time that work for as many people as possible! Each workshop will have a maximum of 10 participants, but we may decide to do several smaller groups in different countries.

I hope to meet some of you online in the not too distant future!

One thought on “Zooniverse Workshops”

  1. Were any of the Hangouts recorded (I know Galaxy Zoo Hangouts are)? If so, will you be making any available publicly (e.g. on YouTube)?

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