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This year has been a very productive one for the Zooniverse. Planet Hunters, Galaxy Zoo, the Milky Way Project, Ice Hunters, Whale FM Solar Stormwatch and Galaxy Zoo: Supernovae all released peer-reviewed papers, producing science results based on your clicks. We also released a slew of new projects (with more to come!) and all of this is about doing science in a new way: with your help.

We’re kicking off our 2012 Zooniverse Advent Calendar with the release of our new publications page which lets you find these papers, and all the papers from all Zooniverse projects. We aim to have many more projects published by this time next year.

However you celebrate the festive season – or whether you do it at all at this time of year – we hope you’ll enjoy opening each day of our advent calendar between now and Dec 24th. We have some fun items ready to show you, and a few really big announcements too.

6 thoughts on “New Publications Page”

  1. I am pleased, that you created a Zooniverse Advent Calendar also for this year! Thanks for that, but I can’t view it! After clicking the link, there is just a background image, but no windows displayed. I use IE 9!
    I reported this problem also in the GZ forum.:;boardseen#new
    BTW, I think, that you should repost this blog post in the blogs of each Zooninverse Project and notify the volunteers by e-mail!

      1. The doors appeared on 14th, 15th and 16th Dec, when using IE9, but today there is the same problem as before.: Just a background image, but no doors.

  2. Thanks so much for the Publications Page — so many clicks on so many images later, it was beginning to feel that all had disappeared into a subspace anomaly. The Pûblications Page is a great addition. I suspect you will be
    allowing us to open each day of the Àdvent Calendar`as the date arrivesÉ

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