Open call for proposals

Brief version : This call for proposals means we’ll be producing many more cool projects – click if you’re a researcher and would like yours to be one of them.


Longer version :

The Zooniverse was born from the conviction that the sheer enthusiasm of our original Galaxy Zoo volunteers could make a significant difference in other fields too. A few years and many projects on, I’m more convinced than ever that that’s true, and it’s time to step up a gear.

Until now, we’ve typically only been able to develop projects that came with their own funding for development. We’re grateful for their support, but I’ve always been worried that we were turning away some really amazing projects, and putting the Zooniverse out of reach of more junior researchers who are often on the front line of dealing with the flood of data threatening to engulf scientists.

Thanks to amazing support from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation we’re expanding our team and can now support a proper call for proposals. So if you’re a researcher – in any field – who would benefit from assistance of tens of thousands of people, it might be easier than you think. Just click here.


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