Happy Holidays!

We’ve had a lot of fun with our 2010 Zooniverse Advent Calendar (and hope you now know what Rick Rolling is if you didn’t before). Over the past 24 days we have launched the ninth and tenth Zooniverse projects: the Milky Way Project and Planet Hunters – which are both running along very well. You can find the whole list of Zooniverse projects on our main site. We have also significantly updated Galaxy Zoo, created a host of author posters for your enjoyment and had a bit of fun along the way.


As well as clicking away on your favourite Zooniverse projects this holiday period, you might also want to look up and catch the International Space Station as flies by. The ISSwave runs from today until New Year’s Eve and is hoping to get as many people as possible out to wave at the people aboard the ISS as it flies overhead. It’s a wonderful project and we hope you’ll try and take part. There is more information about ISSwave and hoe to get involved over on the official site.


For our UK Zooites, there is a special event in early January that you might want to look out for. On BBC Two from January 3-5th three special Stargazing Live programmes are taking place. Each day will focus on a different aspect of astronomy, covering a different special event in the sky. The Zooniverse are involved and we hope you will be too!

Have a very merry Christmas – or whatever you are doing over the holidays – and we hope you’ll find a Zooniverse project to keep you amused between mince pies.

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