Citizen Cyberscience Summit

Galaxy Zoo and the whole Zooniverse will be well represented at the upcoming Citizen Cyberscience Summit. This event, held at King’s College London on 2-3 September 2010, has been organised in order to showcase recent examples of online citizen science and provide a forum for discussing the impact, potential and future directions of such projects.

In the Thursday afternoon session Steven Bamford, astrophysicist and Zooniverse science director, will deliver a talk giving a brief overview of Galaxy Zoo, the wealth of science that it is generating, and the development of the Zooniverse. Following that there will be a panel session featuring two long-term Zooites, Jules and Hanny, which will discuss why people volunteer their time for science projects, what they learn from it, and how social networking helps science. Finally, on Friday morning, Philip Brohan from the UK Met Office will give a sneak preview of a new Zooniverse project that we are currently developing. There are lots of other interesting speakers too, see the programme for details.

The point of this summit is promote discussion between everyone currently involved, or who would benefit from getting involved, in citizen science. That includes scientists, educators, and most importantly you: the participants, without whom citizen science wouldn’t exist. If you’re interested in coming along, hearing about the latest developments and joining in the discussion, then you can get tickets here (but hurry, they are going fast).

We look forward to seeing some of you there!

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