Moon Zoo Live screensaver

So I don’t know about you but Moon Zoo Live is completely destroying my productivity. It’s mesmerizing watching people all around the world explore the Moon. Every so often someone pops up in a totally cool place! Here at the Zooniverse we try to do everything to feed your addiction to citizen science, so we feel like you shouldn’t have to actively browse to Moon Zoo Live to be reminded of the dedication of our community. As a result I happily introduce the Moon Zoo Live screensaver, so that every time you are away from your computer for a coffee break, that 5 minutes will turn in to an hour of staring at new classifications!

The screensaver is Mac only for now I am afraid but if you own a shiny apple product you can grab it here. To install simply double click once to unzip and double click again to install.

Be on the lookout for a Galaxy Zoo screensaver in the near future. Happy procrastination!

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