(Many) Zooniverse Papers Now Open Access

You don’t have to hang around the Zooniverse very long to find out that we’re rather proud of our growing list of publications. We think it’s essential that these papers are available to everyone which is why, for example, we’ve been posting versions of the astronomical papers on arXiv’s Astro-Ph. This is where I get papers I want to read, anyway, but there are advantages to occasionally being able to access the ‘real thing’ – the journal’s own version of the paper.

The doors to the Bodelian library in Oxford are labelled by subject. The one on the left here serves both astronomy and rhetoric. Credit : Jim Linwood

I’m delighted, therefore, to say that Oxford University Press, publishers of the journal we most frequently submit papers to have agreed to make all Zooniverse papers completely free to access. This applies to any Zooniverse paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (which is neither monthly nor contains notices of the Royal Astronomical Society), so whether you want to read about bulgeless galaxies, the Solar System’s dust, the supernovae we discovered, Planet Hunters results or Milky Way Project bubbles you can now do so from the journal itself.

3 thoughts on “(Many) Zooniverse Papers Now Open Access”

  1. This is wonderful, and astonishing, news!

    Whatever magic you worked with MNRAS managers, Chris, to make this happen, is there a way to repeat it, with other journals that Zooniverse papers have been published in?

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