New on the Milky Way Project: Clouds

MWP Clouds

Today we’re launching a new section on the Milky Way Project: Clouds. This new, addictive add-on to the existing site asks you to decide whether an object is a glowing cloud or an empty hole. It’s a fairly rapid-fire task that keeps track of your score. The site uses data from ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory combined with existing Spitzer Space Telescope data. Using these two amazing, orbiting telescopes allow us to peer deep inside star-forming parts of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Read more on the Milky Way Project blog.

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One response to “New on the Milky Way Project: Clouds”

  1. Daniel Cornwall says :

    Reblogged this on Alaskan Librarian and commented:
    This looks like a relatively painless way to be involved in a project analyzing our home galaxy.

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